When the construction is in progress, we often encountered unforeseen circumstances in the site that leads to revisions and rectifications. Though the engineering plans and drawing have already been approved for construction, still it is considered as a work in progress until fully constructed. These modifications may be due to client requests, it can be because of further development and design enhancement and structural strengthening. Whatever the reason may be, it can lead to omission or inclusion of structural members. The most common modification that we encountered during site construction is the addition of structural members to the existing one. In any means, the only way to connect an additional structure from an existing is though drill and fix method. For this, the proper and step by step procedure should be followed by the engineers in order to attain a safe and sound execution.

To give you an idea, let us take a look at the example figure below; an additional slab will be fixing to an existing core wall as shown. Refer to the succeeding paragraph for the methodology guide. This method statement for rebar post-fix is a general procedure and may not only apply to the sample detail below but can be also applied to any concrete structure, cast in place or post-tensioned and therefore can be adapted accordingly. Hilti products have been presented in this method statement.

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To maximise health and safety procedures we make sure cores are held in place or supported from below when necessary to prevent hazards to personnel or equipment.