When a column or some instance a beam is subjected for tensile loading, the said amount of force shall be resisted by anchors, in addition, anchors shall satisfy the required edge distances, spacing, and thicknesses to prevent splitting failure. By definition, an anchor is a steel element either cast into concrete or post-installed into a hardened concrete member and used to transmit applied loads to concrete. In connection with this, the strength or the capacity of anchors shall be checked and design.

Before we proceed further, it is important to understand the different possible extent of failure if the member is subjected to a huge amount of tensile force.

Tension Loadings

  1. A.Steel strength of anchor in tension
  2. Concrete breakout strength of anchor in tension
  3. Pull out strength in tension
  4. Concrete side face blowout strength of headed anchor in tension
  5. Bond Strength of adhesive anchor in tension

Shear Loadings

  1. Steel strength of anchor in shear
  2. Concrete breakout strength of anchor in shear
  3. Concrete pry out strength of anchor in shear

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